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Knowledge Middle Earth is an Human Resources Training and Development Center. Established in 2010. Specialized in different training courses with value added support of skills and knowledge to organizations and individuals through best practices of educational & professional training services.

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The Knowledge Middle Earth Center for Training and HR development welcomes you, where the launch of the Training Center is an initial step to help support the human development process and raise the level of administrative work, whether for individuals or entities in the Arab world. Bearing in mind that the center would be excellent and skilled in the field of training and development, management,human resources consulting, technical and specialized training courses, we utilize the experiences of the most qualified and the best advisors and management developers.


                                                                   Contact details: Click Here!
DUBAI & ABU DHABI                        KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN                                 OMAN


Provide and develop integrated solutions and committed to the best professional practices. Provide training and consulting according to the training needs and contribute to the development of the employees and managers and business owners, and to achieve the targeted goals and maintain positive relations to support the clients.

“The development of individuals and institutions, according to best practices and global standards.” 


Our vision for the training and development taking place in dealing positively with the changes, rapid developments and modern technology , the provision of experts and consultants with distinct capabilities and expertise of high-energy and interdisciplinary qualified academically and practically in various fields.

“Development of a continuous and distinct Consulting.” 


  • Credibility in terms of excellence and professionalism.
  • Integration between theory and application of best practices.
  • Multinational experience and areas.
  • Seeking continuous improvement.
  • Raise the quality and performance of individuals and institutions.
  • Certificates accredited locally and internationally.
  • Follow-up and feedback to ensure the quality of work.
  • Team work smoothly and qualified, efficient and has awareness 
KMETC offers a wide range of training programs, of quality and value, which aims to develop the work focusing on the human element based on a study of training needs and develops appropriate solutions and human resource services such as strategic human resource management; human resources training and development.


The Knowledge Middle Earth Center for Training and Development is paying high attention to ensure the quality of work and perfection, lifting the qualification to the progress of the training process, the development and growth of the various fields, particularly in administrative and consulting, thus we put the most importance to the quality of our services.


Knowledge Middle Earth Training Center is considered as an important addition to the training system in the Arab Gulf, and a continuation of an extended long in the field of management training and consulting.

So the establishment of the training centre confirming of the trends conscious in the Gulf and Arab countries that the most important investment is investing in Human Resources, It is also convince to everyone that the best weapon to face the future is to promote the people with the latest knowledge, science and refinement of various skills, to the growth and advancement of human himself , his country and his community and to increase his contribution to the production and professional development and functional.

The ultimate objective of the Knowledge Middle Earth Training Center is to prepare a rehabilitation and training for leaders of organizations, companies and individuals in Arab world on the latest training methods and best practices of contemporary and most successful specialist consultancy depending on best of experts and advisers who are qualified academically and practically for the advancement of the level of business in a manner to ensure excellence in competition and excellence.

So we depend on God first and our confidence to provide the best quality and excellence to achieve the development aspirations of the Arab people and other nationalities. We hope for all to have endless success…
Expert / Ali KadhemJawad
The Chairman

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