KMETC Specialized Courses
Code course title
venue fees download
ESP001 Career Development Dubai TBA $
EDP002 Workshop Competencies of Human Resources Dubai TBA $
ESP003 Performance and Career Builder Dubai TBA $
ESP004 Leadership Training and Developement Dubai TBA $
ESP005 Competencies Finance Dubai TBA $
ESP006 Skills Standard for Human Resources Staff Dubai TBA $
ESP007 Tenders and Contracts Management and Claims Dubai TBA $
ESP008 Project Management for Banking Studies Dubai TBA $
ESP009 Project Planning and Control by Scheduling Dubai TBA $
ESP010 Project Management Skills Dubai TBA $
ESP011 Decision Support System Using Operations Research Dubai TBA $
ESP012 Total Quality Management Dubai TBA $
ESP013 NLP, Which is Less Matucef Secret of Success Dubai TBA $
ESP014 Business Process Management and Optimization Dubai TBA $
ESP015 Technical Writing Skills Dubai TBA $
ESP016 Train the Trainers (T & T) Dubai TBA $
ESP017 Audit Program for Human Resources Dubai TBA $
ESP018 Different Types of Employment Contract Dubai TBA $
ESP019 Difference Between Personnel Manager and HR Manager Dubai TBA $
ESP020 The Change Personnel HR Dubai TBA $
ESP021 Recruitment & Selection: Advertisements Dubai TBA $
ESP022 Shor tlisting of Candidates Dubai TBA $
ESP023 C.V. Evaluation Dubai TBA $
ESP024 Assessment of Candidates Dubai TBA $
ESP025 Interview Skills Dubai TBA $
ESP026 Selection of the Proper Candidates Dubai TBA $
ESP027 Job Amalgamation Dubai TBA $
ESP028 Job Creation Dubai TBA $
ESP029 Leave Entitlement Dubai TBA $
ESP030 Termination Benefits/Scheme Dubai TBA $
ESP031 Training Need Analysis Dubai TBA $
ESP032 Training Gap Analysis Dubai TBA $
ESP032 Training Gap Analysis Dubai TBA $
ESP033 Cost Effective of Training Dubai TBA $
ESP034 Training and Development Programs for Staff 9-January-2016 14-January-2016 Dubai TBA $
ESP035 Team Leadership Dubai TBA $
ESP036 Team Building Dubai TBA $
ESP037 Decision Thinking Dubai TBA $
ESP038 Appraisal System Dubai TBA $
ESP039 Performance Management Dubai TBA $
ESP040 Performance Measurement Dubai TBA $
ESP041 Performance Results Dubai TBA $
ESP042 policy, Procedures of Disciplinary and Grievance Code Dubai TBA $
ESP043 Negotiation Skills Dubai TBA $
ESP044 Trade Union Negotitation Dubai TBA $
ESP045 Trade Union Working Committee Dubai TBA $
ESP046 Mechanism Process with Trade Union Dubai TBA $
ESP047 Psychometric Test Dubai TBA $
ESP048 Mastering the Art of Communication Dubai TBA $
ESP049 Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making Dubai TBA $
ESP050 The Art of Stress & Anger Management Dubai TBA $
ESP051 Developing Assertiveness & Self-Confidence for Professional Success Dubai TBA $
ESP052 Stress and Time Management Dubai TBA $
ESP053 Fundamentals of Project Management Dubai TBA $
ESP054 Setting Goals and Objectives Dubai TBA $
ESP055 The Effective Team Player Dubai TBA $
ESP056 High Impact Team Building for Managers Dubai TBA $
ESP057 ABC Success for Fresh National Graduates Dubai TBA $
ESP058 The Powerful Salesman! 16-July-2017 20-July-2017 Dubai TBA $
ESP059 Excellence in Presentations & Public Speaking Dubai TBA $
ESP060 Effective Business Writing Dubai TBA $
ESP061 Core Skills of Emotional Intelligence Dubai TBA $
ESP062 NLP Skills for Business Success Dubai TBA $
ESP063 Finance for Non-Finance Professionals-Simulation Programme 23-December-2018 27-December-2018 Dubai 3750 $ $
ESP064 Effective Management & Leadership Skills 13-January-2019 17-January-2019 Dubai 3750 $ $
ESP065 Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Managers Dubai TBA $
ESP066 Building Trust in the Workplace Dubai TBA $
ESP067 Powerful Negotiations Dubai TBA $
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