Customer Service
Code course title
venue fees download
CSR001 Excellence of Customer Service Dubai TBA $
CSR002 Latest Of Customer Service Professional Dubai TBA $
CSR003 Advanced Customer Service (Complains, Feedback And Improvement) Dubai TBA $
CSR004 Call Center System (Success Way) Dubai TBA $
CSR005 Customer Complains System (Improvement Tools) Dubai TBA $
CSR006 High Satisfaction of Customer Service Dubai TBA $
CSR007 Change from Customer Satisfaction to Happier Customers Dubai TBA $
CSR008 Customer Service Management Dubai TBA $
CSR009 Developed Customer Service Skills Dubai TBA $
CSR010 Smart Customer Service (Cost, Effective and Success Results) Dubai TBA $
CSR011 Level 2 Award in Customer Service- Highfield Dubai TBA $
CSR012 Customer Relationship Management Fundamentals Dubai TBA $
CSR013 Internal Customer Service Excellence 23-July-2018 27-July-2019 Dubai TBA $
CSR014 Defuse Your Angry Customers- Active Learning through Role play Sessions Dubai TBA $
CSR015 Customer Service Excellence Dubai TBA $
CSR016 Call Centre Excellence Dubai TBA $
CSR017 Perfecting Your Telephone Skills 16-July-2018 20-July-2019 Dubai TBA $
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